New Moon Mar. 2011

New Moon Mar. 2011

This month's New Moon occurs on Mar. 5, 2011, 3:45 JST (all the timing in this article is to be calculated in JST) at the 14th degree of Pisces.  And this month, the Full Moon occurs in Virgo Moon opposing Pisces Sun, so I will talk about some of the themes of this earth-water polarity.  Both signs belong to feminine signs and are oriented toward preserving the established way of doing things and remember the past.  But both also belong to mutable signs so the pace of development might variable influenced by the circumstance.  Imagining the Moon as a container and the Sun as energy to fill it, we have Pisces dreamy idealistic uniting energy to fulfill collective urge of the container to be useful at the scene during this Moon month (especially around the Full Moon).  It is not constructive if you get too dreamy to the extent that it paralyze everyday routine to get things at hand done.  Let's see what's going on in the world with these points of view in mind for this Moon month.

Aspects to the Sun

After contacting Mercury and Pluto, the Sun has no aspect contact (other than Moon) until it goes into Aries on Mar. 21, and touches Uranus.  The image suggests that leadership is not able to say or do what s/he has on his/her mind effectively.  Since the Sun is moving through Pisces, the sign of dreamy foggy ideal, the above image of speaking to a vast void share the same nature with each other and escalate.  But after the Sun ingress into Aries on Mar. 21 and touches Uranus and Pluto successively, the leadership should gain a strong press to say something.  It is interesting to see that the election of governor of Tokyo might be heated at the time with official announcement on Mar. 24.  Things might start moving after the Sun or Mars (4/1) joins into Aries.

When the Sun touches Uranus and Pluto, leadership might face up to the theme of change.  Both scenarios in which either that the leader him/herself talk about the change or that the leader is presented with the difficult proposition of change are possible.

Aspects among the rest of the planets

An important aspect of note among outer planets is Jupiter-Saturn opposition, which occurs on Mar. 29.  It is the last of the three oppositions with other 2 have already occurred in the last spring and summer.  This pairing suggests conflict of organizational future vision and present structure.  Settling this constructively brings the prosperity of the organization, and we had better keep that in mind. 

The next planet to look at is Venus, which has just touched with Uranus right before the New Moon (3/1).  Venus correlates with aesthetic values and social relationships, and Uranus adds strange and intense colors to the Venus symbolism.  One can hear a news about abrupt beginning or ending of unusual relationship, or things about money and how you use it.  Well, the budget has passed Lower House on this day, with a little bit of unusual twist.  Venus then moves into Aquarius where it meets Jupiter (3/10), Saturn (3/15) and Neptune (3/27).  And right before the next New Moon, Venus touches Pluto (4/2).  When the Venus translate light from Jupiter to Saturn, prior to their own meeting-up, there can be some sort of cooperation (or at least seeking of it) before the important decision concerning the organizational future is made.  And then when the Venus touches Neptune and Pluto, dreamy, aesthetic or even romantic feeling might be stimulated.

Next let's look at what Mercury is up to.  Right after the New Moon, Mercury touches Uranus.  So nature of the pairing, for example quick spontaneous thinking and communications, will be seen around the time.  Then Mercury goes on into Aries to contact Pluto (3/14), Jupiter (3/16) and Saturn (3/18).  Planning and communication of deep change concerning organizational structure and future vision should be pursued constructively.  

Now we come to the action department, Mars.  Right before the New Moon, Mars came to contact with Pluto, which is clearly appeared in the New Moon chart.  This makes the persistent action with firm perspective colors this Moon month.  Mars is now moving through idealistic Pisces since Feb. 23, and being sensitive to what surrounding people feel, dream and sigh.  There are no major aspect forming with the Mars, but this attitude of action influences a lot since it rules Aries in which Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter and later the Sun are traversing and stimulating each other and the rest of planets.  Those planets in Aries perform their role with Mars' intension in mind.  And at the end of this Moon month, the Mars changes its sign and the whole atmosphere changes to be active!

Planets which change direction or sign

Planets other than Sun and Moon sometimes change their direction of apparent movement seen from the earth.  When a planet changes its direction, it moves slowly and may leave its mark on various social events in the world.  Within this Moon month, Mercury changing its direction from direct to retrograde on Mar. 31.  When Mercury is retrograding, people tend to think about their own things first unconsciously, and a lot of misunderstandings and miscommunications might occur so be careful not to let those happen.  It is suited time to reflect your thinking patterns, revisit what you have thought about before and what you personally need to think in order to be constructive after the period is over.

And planets, especially those that move slowly, change their signs in sync with shifts in corresponding profile of social or collective psychology.  Within this Moon month, among the planets which travel slower than the earth is Uranus and Mars, both of which changes its sign from Pisces to Aries on Mar. 12th and Apr. 1 respectively.  Since the sign of Uranus corresponds to the way people as a whole communicate, like via radio, tv or internet, from that date on, people might tend to share ideas which are new and bring about active movement.  Mars, as explained above, represents how we act and exert energy.  Movement of Mars from Pisces to Aries suggests the intension or manner of action changes from atomosphere-sensitive to action-oriented.  Incidentally, right after next New Moon, Neptune will change its sign and ingress into Pisces, its ruling sign.  I will be describing it in next month's article.

During this Moon month, keeping the points I have raised above, let's try to use our Pisces Sun's dreamy idealistic energy to mix nicely with everyday getting things done cultural needs of Virgo Moon of this month.  It should be interesting to observe those symbols reflected in the real socio-situations in the world.
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