New Moon Apr. 2011

New Moon Apr. 2011

This month's New Moon occurs on Apr. 3, 2011, 23:32 JST (all the timing in this article is to be calculated in JST) at the 14th degree of Aries. And this month, the Full Moon occurs with Libra Moon opposing Aries Sun, so I will talk about some of the themes of this fire-air polarity. Both signs belong to masculine signs and are oriented toward new development or change. But both also belong to cardinal signs so the pace of development might be quick and initiating. Imagining the Moon as a container and the Sun as energy to fill it, we have Aries vivid get up and go energy to fulfill collective urge of the container to be cooperating at the scene during this Moon month (especially around the Full Moon). It is not constructive if you get too imposing or self-centered and take advantage of understanding attitude that everyone has. Let's see what's going on in the world with these points of view in mind for this Moon month.

Aspects to the Sun

After contacting Uranus (3/21) and Pluto (3/28), the Sun marched to the New Moon. Last month, we have talked about that the leadership is not able to say or do what s/he has on his/her mind effectively for a while because of the unaspected state, and then when Sun touches Uranus and Pluto successively, the leadership should gain a strong press to say something. Well, I couldn't expect that this huge earth quake would happen at the time the Uranus just goes into cardinal sign of Aries, but it did bring a huge unexpected change to face indeed. I really feel sad and sorry for the people who are lost or harmed by the calamity. I really feel that we have to know every people on earth are facing their own hardships in various region, and feel grateful that there are many more people who have hearts to reach out toward those in need. I really would like to be a part of warm exchanging consciousness which is in existence from long ago but now emerging into the active mind of people in the world.

Right after the New Moon on 4/4, the Sun touches Saturn and then on 4/6, the Sun translates the light to Jupiter. This period are marked by what I call "the chief and worker conflict" in terms of leadership. What is "the chief and worker conflict"? It is all concerning how we should proceed organizational activity in various levels, because Saturn and Jupiter are both social planets. Chief has to think about management of the organization in realistic terms. Whereas worker wants some adventurous idea to give the organization an exhilarating shot without considering about realistic cost. The conflict should be easily solved when both realize that they are thinking about improvement of the organization from each standpoint, and the point is to make effort to figure out the best synthesis of both standpoints. In this period, those sorts of process would be going on around by whom and how leadership should be carried out. Elections of several municipal and prefectural governors are going on in this period. The voting is planned to be held on 4/10 when the Sun meets retrograding Mercury, which symbolize that the leadership might deliver some message.

The Sun then goes on to ingress into Taurus on 4/20, forms a harmonious relationship with Neptune on 4/21 and shakes hands with Pluto on 4/28. Effort for leadership to face difficult ideal to bring about necessary change might be understood easily, or people could propose those idealistic change to leadership.

Aspects among the rest of the planets

There is no important aspect of note among outer planets for this Moon month, although Jupiter-Saturn opposition, which occurred on 3/29, is to be of importance because the Sun's translation of light right after the New Moon brings this aspect into focus of this New Moon chart. Remember the chief and worker conflict theme and how to solve the potential problem.

The next planet to look at is Mars, which has been unaspected for large portion of last Moon month. Well, the action department has been at a loss, especially after the calamity happened and the nuclear plants went wild (which is to be symbolized by the condition of unaspected Mars in Pisces, people couldn't put their hands on the wet and damaged facility). After coming into Aries which is the Mars' own sign, right after this New Moon, and in sync with Neptune ingress and the Sun's translation of light between Jupiter-Saturn, Mars do make aspect with Uranus (4/4) and then with Pluto (4/10) so the action department finally starts to cope with the situation brought about by the sudden huge change. Large scaled motivated action might be poured into the site of change, but we still have to be alert to unexpected difficulty. Mars then proceeds to Saturn, Mercury (4/19) and Jupiter (5/1). There should be lots of discussion about how to cope with the situation organizationally. Note that in this period, leadership is listening to atmosphere and deep emotion of the people.

Next let's look at what Mercury is up to. After changing its direction to retrograde, Mercury is now acting as a messenger of the leadership, especially from the contact with the Sun (4/10) on to Jupiter (4/12), Mars(-Saturn, 4/19). Actually, Mercury doesn't make direct contact with Saturn and goes back to direct motion. It could mean an important intention of the leader wouldn't be reflected to the emerging new rule or order. I think it is Mars who grasps the important role here in terms of reflecting the people's will and leadership to long standing organizational structure, so the action department has to bare that in mind.

Now we come to the Venus, our sense beauty and fairness to make cooperation possible. Right before the New Moon thus emphasized within this Moon month's general atmosphere, Venus has touched Pluto harmoniously. Deep understanding of long term perspective provide base for the necessary cooperation. It should lead even to bipartisan cooperation to cope with complicated operations toward consolidating reconstruction. Venus is now moving through compassionate Pisces and she goes on to ingress into active Aries when the feeling is conveyed to Sun on 4/21. Venus touches Uranus (4/23) and Pluto (4/28), which suggests people have occasion to feel actual effect of ongoing deep change and form unusual cooperative relationship or change the nature of existing relationship. This effect of understanding will come down to affect organizational direction when Venus translates light from Saturn (5/1) to Jupiter (5/11).

Planets which change direction or sign

Planets other than Sun and Moon sometimes change their direction of apparent movement seen from the earth. When a planet changes its direction, it moves slowly and may leave its mark on various social events in the world. Within this Moon month, Pluto changes its direction to retrograde on 4/9, and Mercury changes its direction from retrograde to direct on 4/23. During the time when Pluto is changing its direction (i.e. making its movement slower and slower until dead stop for a moment and starting to move backward, within several days before and after the specified date of 4/9), the characteristics of Pluto is brought forward. Feeling of facing important change or loss, necessity of new perspective might come into consciousness. Retrograde could symbolize experiencing the theme in terms of more personal standpoint. When Mercury is retrograding, people tend to think about their own things first unconsciously, and a lot of misunderstandings and miscommunications might occur so be careful not to let those happen. It is suited time to reflect your thinking patterns, revisit what you have thought about before and what you personally need to think in order to be constructive after the period is over.

And planets, especially those that move slowly, change their signs in sync with shifts in corresponding profile of social or collective psychology. Within this Moon month, among the planets which travel slower than the earth is Neptune. The Neptune changes its sign and ingresses into Pisces, its ruling sign. Even though it will come back to Aquarius in the course, it is the beginning of about 14 years of its traverse in Pisces. Neptune is related to collective imagination, i.e, dream, ideal or anxiety which bring about sympathy and understanding. It might lead to cooperation and effort to live together, but it might also lead to exploitation, deception, victimization or escapism. In Aquarius, which Neptune has traversed for the last 14 years, those dreams might have come through collective communication like world wide web, every mass communication media or real voice you have heard when you are among group of people. From now on, it will not have to be real voice, because you have already acquired ability or at least interest to take count of feeling of others. We are to train our imaging capacity so that we could live together happily and we have to grow not to be misunderstood, exploited or simply lost in confusion.

During this Moon month, keeping the points I have raised above, let's try to use our Aries Sun's get up and go energy to mix nicely with cooperate at the scene cultural needs of Libra Moon of this month. It should be interesting to observe those symbols reflected in the real socio-situations in the world.
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