New Moon June 2011

New Moon June 2011

This month's New Moon occurs on June 2, 2011, 6:02 JST (all the timing in this article is to be calculated in JST) at the 12th degree of Gemini. And this month, the Full Moon occurs with Sagittarius Moon opposing Gemini Sun, so I will talk about some of the themes of this Fire-Air polarity. Both signs belong to masculine signs and are oriented toward progressing into the next step of evolution and change things. Both also belong to mutable signs so the pace of development might also be changeable and fluctuating. Imagining the Moon as a container and the Sun as energy to fill it, we have Gemini want-to-know-all-and-talk-about-them-all energy to fulfill collective urge of the container to be exploring and acquiring larger vision during this Moon month (especially around the Full Moon). It is not constructive if you get too experimental and curiosity oriented to annoy abstract and general moral or philosophy that everyone has as generous atmosphere. Let's see what's going on in the world with these points of view in mind for this Moon month.

Aspects to the Sun

Right before this New Moon, the Sun touched Neptune, Uranus and Saturn successively. Last month, we have talked about "leadership's working to improve system or rules with some ideal in mind". Neptune aspects Sun with tension so the ideal may not be held in common between the leader and other people and there is a movement toward submitting no-confidence motion against the cabinet in Japanese political scene. With Gemini energy, people are busy trying everything to get individual way of thinking through.

After the New Moon, the Sun will not make major aspect until 6/13 when it makes contact with Mercury. There is a total eclipse of the Moon on 6/16 which is very strong, setting the tone for next 6 month. It seems plan and action to make dreams come true is among the themes as well as being ready to cope with revolutional change. Then it moves into Cancer on 6/22. Leaders will talk with their brains around 13th for important decision making or they will talk about what is on their mind. After the Sun goes into Cancer, people including leaders tend more to focus on feelings of each other. During the period between 6/22 and 6/26, the Sun moves from aspect with Neptune to aspect with Jupiter. This is a kind of important theme throughout this Moon month that we will talk about in the next section, and it might bring some optimistic idealism or it could be a protesting movement or campaign toward the idealistic goal. Then from 6/26 to 6/28 the Sun will make contact with Uranus and Pluto. This could be a radical change in the course of leadership or protest toward leaders to change. And after the next New Moon, on 7/3 the Sun touches Saturn and the change would be materialized.

Aspects among the rest of the planets

There is an important aspect of note among outer planets for this Moon month. It is Neptune and Jupiter cooperating harmoniously, which is exactly formed on 6/9. Jupiter is related to optimistic future vision and Neptune is concerned with dream, image and ideal. So when those two cooperate, idealistic optimistic vision might be rampant which will either encourage people to go for their dreams, or allure people to become unrealistic to escape from harsh reality.

The first planet to look at is Mercury, which is very active in this Moon month. Right after the New Moon, Mercury makes contact with Neptune. This suggests unclear information either idealistic or anxiety ridden will stir people's thinking and communication. This sets the tone for this Moon month, too. Then Mercury moves on to touch with Uranus (6/5) and Saturn (6/8). Thinking about improving structure. And on 6/13 as talked about in the previous section, Mercury touches the Sun and supports the leader intellectually or in communication. Mercury will then goes into Cancer on 6/17, and during 5 days from 6/17 to 6/22 Mercury makes contacts with Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Saturn successively. So this is the period communicational activities are most active acknowledging ideal, changing plans radically, etc...

Next let's look at what Venus is up to. After making aspect with Mars on 5/23, Venus doesn't make major aspect with other planets until it goes into Gemini on 6/9 and touches Neptune on 6/10. Anxiety concerning relationship and cooperation could peak at this timing. Then from 6/13 to 6/18 Venus travels from Uranus to Saturn, improving or conflicting over rules on cooperations.

So next, we talk about the action department Mars. Mars makes only 2 major aspects this month, so the action department is not active at all. Especially, while it is moving through the rest of Taurus, it makes no contact to the other planets. This implies for some while the action department will run without practical result or systematical support. Do we have to mind about political void? After ingressing into Gemini on 6/21, Mars touches with Neptune. This could suggest aggravation of the above situation because with Neptune, Mars will likely feel not touching anything and energy might drain. Finally, on 6/27, Mars touches Uranus harmoniously and get started again. Superimposing Sun and Mercury schedule might be telling something of this month's story.

Planets which change direction or sign

Planets other than Sun and Moon sometimes change their direction of apparent movement seen from the earth. When a planet changes its direction, it moves slowly and may leave its mark on various social events in the world. Within this Moon month, the planets changing their directions are Neptune and Saturn. Neptune changes its direction on 6/3, and Saturn on 6/13. Neptune relates to image which many people might have in common, ideal unexpressed fear, etc... When changing direction, because of its slow motion, the theme the planet correlate might be emphasized in social activity. And when a planet is retrograding, the expression of the theme related to the planet tend to get more peripheral and personal. People might get more sensitive to their own personal ideal during the period the Neptune is retrograding. And the Saturn has been retrograding, so administrative motive has a tendency toward coping with the situation which is happening now on the earth. After the Saturn change its direction, focus orients toward what we are preparing for future.

And planets, especially those that move slowly, change their signs in sync with shifts in corresponding profile of social or collective psychology. Within this Moon month, among the planets which travel slower than the earth, Jupiter and Mars change their signs. Jupiter ingresses from Aries into Taurus, social encouragement have been toward starting things, but from then on it will be toward keeping activity stable and last longer. The Mars is currently moving through the sign of Taurus since 5/11 and goes into Gemini on 6/21. Mars indicates how we apply energy, assert and put into action what we have inside. When in Taurus, Mars think about just what it naturally do, make things actually happen. But after going into Gemini, Mars starts to feel about what it is doing and what its effect is. It might get slower but more steadily.

During this Moon month, keeping the points I have raised above, let's try to use our Gemini Sun's let's-talk-and-try energy to mix nicely with optimistic exploring needs of Sagittarius Moon of this month. It should be interesting to observe those symbols reflected in the real socio-situations in the world.

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