New Moon Apr. 2013

This month's New Moon occurs on Apr. 10, 2013, 18:35 JST (all the timing in this article is to be calculated in JST) at the 21st degree of Aries. Since last year, we are thinking about degree meanings with Sabian symbols as hints. The symbol of the New Moon degree is "A pugilist enters the ring". I have explained that in order to think about degree meaning, we have to geometrically divide a sign into smaller units until the width reduces to 1 degree. I am using the method in which a sign is divided first into 3 sections of 10 degrees(decans). Then this 10 degree is further divided into 2 sections of 5 degrees. Finally, this 5 degree section is divided into 5 of each degree. With each dividing operation, we are adding a bit of meaning, assigning a role signified by the number within the small section as a whole. So the 21st degree of Aries, where the New Moon this month is, belongs to the third decan of the sign, first half of the decan and 1st of the 5 degree section. Let us code this as "Aries 3-1-1" in this article.

Now let's think about what is the meaning of dividing up to a certain number of parts. Zodiac it self is divided into 12 signs as parts. I think the number 12 symbolize "organizational confinement". So division of 12 implies 12 steps toward growing into organizationally confined whole. In the same way, if we divide something into 3, we are analyzing 3 steps to become grown and characterized (which the number 3 symbolizes). The same image of dividing 12 signs into 3 "perspectives(as termed in Glenn Perry's text)", personal-interpersonal-transpersonal applys to this, too. So we are talking about generalization (or trans-personalization) of the function of Aries' developing ability of experimenting what's important to people at large. Divide by 2 means analyzing 2 steps to become aware of the theme of the region (which the number 2 symbolizes). So we are developing subjective awareness rather than objective of the second half, which will be developed afterward based on the experience here.

Then we finally divide the 5 degree area into 5 parts of 1 degree. 5 signifies expression of creativity. So we are thinking about 5 steps to creatively express the theme of the whole 5 degrees area. The first step of those 5 steps (with the former half of the third section of Aries, this is the symbol "a pugilist enters the ring", which is the theme degree for this month), is to simply observe the theme of the area. The Aries' function of apply energy and express individual autonomy toward the rest of the universe is being purely experienced as in the scene with many people watching the ring. Point here is that it is in a way a collective experience, symbolized by the 3rd sector of the sign Aries. The second step is to sense the reaction to the first movement. Be aware of the object the first step is running after. "The gate to the garden of desire" is what the pugilist in the above image is pursuing. Then the third step is accumulation of the observations and their understandings. The symbol "a woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load" implies action taken by the instigator as pugilist pursuing his particular desire bear its fruits and responsibilities which accompanies it. When on 4th step, with the image of "an open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia", we experience the repetition of action and its consequence, with special attention to the power of something unseen, and might be called "will". The theme of the 5 degree area thus refined with discipline. The fifth step is the creative output of this five degree area. The image of "a double promise" in this context is that we could pursue not only one thing at a time. We became aware of creatively using our will for multiple purpose, to serve our existence as a whole. This process of five steps are around every degree we analyze with Sabian symbol, so being aware of the context helps focusing the meaning of the symbol.

Aspects to the Sun

Last aspect to the Sun before the New Moon was on 4/1 when the Sun touched Pluto and Jupiter, a little after it had touched Uranus and Venus. We have talked about "sudden cooperation theme might be offered by the leader. Vision of leadership might be expressed strongly around this time with some pressure from people being felt". It is interesting that a group of elementally students are invited to the official residence of the prime minister at this timing. And it could mean that political parties made clear which side to take over many legislative issues including revision of the constitution. Actually, those were all the major aspect the Sun had last month, except for ones with Moon. After the New Moon, next aspect the Sun makes is with Mars on 4/18. Since the Sun and Mars are traveling together at about the same speed, they are close to each other for a while. The symbolic image is repeated because of Mars rulership of Aries in which the Sun and Mars are traveling together, the action department is very active in this month. After ingressing into Taurus on 4/20, the Sun touches Neptune, Saturn and Pluto from 4/25 to 5/2. Around this period, leaders might feel the atmosphere of people, exert administrative effort to control the situation.

Aspects among the rest of the planets

There is no important exact aspect of note among outer planets for this Moon month, but the effect of square between Uranus and Pluto, exact on 5/21, will be felt in advance especially while Mercury translates between those two planets (bringing Uranus into the mix as well) around 4/20-21. Perspective to exert individual power among collective people is to be reflected and ways to utilize each person's good points are to be worked out.

The first inner planet to track is Mars, the action department, which is very motivated (it continues foreshowing it's time to express power to act out!) in this Moon month, traveling in its own sign. It has touched with Venus before the New Moon on 4/7. It is interesting to note that while Mars and Venus were getting in touch with Uranus Jupiter and Pluto in the last week of March, many celebrities news on their marriage flooded media, and finally around this Venus-Mars there was live report of the Yabe-Aoki marriage ceremony. Now, after the New Moon, as talked above, Mars is traveling with the Sun making conjunction on 4/18. Getting into Taurus on 4/20, following the Sun, Mars touches Neptune, Saturn and Pluto from 4/27 to 5/6, putting into action what leaders has in their mind. In the meantime, Mercury is struggling to catch up. And finally, it does catch up with Mars on 5/8 to report what it found while it had been retrograding and reflecting on past experiences.

Next let's look at what Mercury is up to. After ingress into Aries on 4/14, Mercury will translate Uranus and Pluto and bring the energy of those transsaturnian planets' theme up and make them object to give a thought about, and then it will broadcast what it has come up with while touching Jupiter on 4/24. After ingressing into Taurus on 5/2, Mercury touches Neptune, Saturn and Pluto, and finally catches up with Mars from 5/4 to 5/8.

Next, let us talk about Venus. Venus goes into Taurus on 4/15 and then touches Neptune on 4/19 to dream about comfortable cooperation. Then Venus will go about making the dream reality as it touches Saturn and Pluto on 4/22-25. As we go through all the themes for different department, we notice every inner planets are scheduled to go through the process of making effort to bring ideal into reality from 4/22-5/8, which coincides for Japanese politicians to work out annual budget plan for this year(important deadline is set on 5/20, around the day Uranus-Pluto square will be formed exact).

Planets which change direction or sign

Planets other than Sun and Moon sometimes change their direction of apparent movement seen from the earth. When a planet changes its direction, it moves slowly and may leave its mark on various social events in the world. Within this Moon month, only Pluto change its direction. Pluto starts its retrograde motion on 4/13. Pluto has the theme of digging things deeply, which might leads to total transformation. It fosters ability to learn about what is hidden, to become co-active in collective effort. But it could bring about obsessive control or total apathy if things went too complicated. So around the date which Pluto change its direction, those theme will be emphasized in society or course of life events. While Pluto is retrograding, people will tend to think about themselves first concerning Pluto's themes which might lead to misunderstanding or mis-regarding of deep purpose with each other. But it is nice period to reflect and reorganize one's own purpose of life or perspective.

And planets, especially those that move slowly, change their signs in sync with shifts in corresponding profile of social or collective psychology. Within this Moon month, the only planet among the planets which travel slower than the earth that changes its sign is Mars. Mars changes its sign from Aries to Taurus on 4/20. While in Aries people tend to assert their own point of view and act them out. After coming into Taurus, people start to act more practically and do things based on down to earth sensitivities.

During this Moon month, keeping the points I have raised above, let's try to utilize our Aries Sun's energy of putting desire into confident action among collective audiences. It should be interesting to observe those symbols reflected in the real socio-situations in the world.
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